Of Hipsters and Hegemonies
by Indira Endaya

In a Manner of Dressing: At the Intersection of Clothing, Colonisation and Christianity
by Ava Vivian Gonzales

Silent No More, We're Hanging Out Our Dirty Laundry: The South Africa Clothesline Project
by Laura Bex Lempert and Synnov Skorge

Undressing Dresses
by Roselle Pineda

Fashion NON-Victims
by Rotten Jello

Dreadlocks or Dreadfully Locked
by Monica Arac de Nyeko

The Shoe Conspiracy
by Rose Margaret A. Galang-Monis

A Second Look at Make-up
by Luz Martinez

You Are Beautiful!
by Pinky C. Serafica



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Women In Action covers a broad range of issues affecting women globally, but focusing on the particular needs and concerns of women in the Global South, and forwarding a progressive perspective tempered by the experiences of the third world women's movements. We'd like to hear from you!
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