This photo was taken from Sonia Randhawa

There's a rhythm and a dance to life, and sometimes we're too hungry, too beaten, too angry to notice it. On Valentine's Day this year, once again, women are taking bruised, beaten, oppressed bodies, and stamping out a new rhythm, a dance to witness that one billion women experience violence and that this is not acceptable. This year, again, there will be One Billion Rising, a worldwide strike to end that violence, and to build a more equitable world. You're invited to be part of the revolution.

Last year, women rose in Afghanistan, with hundreds of women taking to the streets in a variety of cities across the nation, protesting the rising rates of violence against women and the impunity with which rapists get away with their crimes. This year, pledge cards have been translated into Hindi and are being sent out across South Asia from the Sangat office.

This photo was taken from of the largest risings in 2013 was in the Philippines, where the campaign resonates with local issues and struggles. The launch of One Billion Rising 2014 was on 22 January and involved women standing up against state demolition of homes and property. The launch was the final stage in a day of protest that involved meeting with the mayor, women leaders, the police and the governor to protest against state violence and its impact on women and children.

The campaign in Davao has a powerful short film to help raise awareness of the extent of violence. And if you need to be inspired to attend the rising in Davao City, watch this video and join the revolution.

In Asia, so far, events are planned in the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Visit to find or plan an event, and take the pledge:

“I refuse to watch as more than one billion women experience violence on the planet. I'm joining V-Day on 02.14.13 in a global strike to demand an end to the violence.”

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