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we! provides the latest information on the issues, campaigns, conferences, training opportunities, funding possibilities and other goings-on in the women's movement. It also provides updates on national, regional and international events organised by NGOs, government bodies and multilateral agencies that impact women.

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In the Era of the “Islamic State” Women of Muslim Heritage Speak about Anti-Jihad and Secularism

What’s in a Name?

“Warrior Princess Avatars: Feminists Engage Social Media”

Women's equality needs democracy, socialism, secularism


Call for Applications to the Asia Pacific Beijing+20 Civil Society Forum

Moving Forward on UNSCR 1325: Linking Visions of Peace through Convergence of Social Media

Is the Bangsamoro Law a Sure Step Towards Peace in the Philippines?

Climate Summit – Global People's Mobilization -- Engendering Climate Justice

20 years after Beijing

Women and Peacebuilding in Pakistan

Remembering Sunila Abeysekera (1952–2013)

From the Ground Up: Food Security, Women, Conflict and Peace


Cambodian Website Tells Women’s Stories

Building Self, Building Community

Over 200 girls are missing in Nigeria – Please RESCUE THEM! #BringBackOurGirls

Demand Accountability (South Africa) Campaign

Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives 


Palestine - Israel: Midwives For Peace

Women's Agency Against Guns

Take Back the Tech! campaign focusing on transparency on violence against women through social media

World Breastfeeding Week 2014!


16 Days Campaign Against Gender Violence - 2014 Theme Announcement

"Changing the World One Meeting at a Time: Facilitation as Feminist Praxis"

Transitioning to Peace

Coming Soon! Isis International Feminist Archives Online


One Billion Will Rise With a Revolutionary Zeal on Valentine’s Day, 2015

Over 200 girls are missing in Nigeria – Please RESCUE THEM! #BringBackOurGirls


Isis International Feminist Activist School for Women Human Rights Defenders April 2014


Isis WICCE panel analyses women, war and peace possibilities at the CSW58

Climate change panel urged to rethink disasters with a feminist framework

Leading up to the Beijing Review: Strategizing for Section J

Participation, commitment and legal reforms key to MDG implementation - Sobritchea

Isis women’s presence make waves at the CSW58

Status Update - Women, Conflict and Social Media

Follow the social media-UNSCR 1325 discussions at the 58th UN CSW

Young women and social media convergences to localise UNSCR1325

Hash tag advocacy: young women explore social media for UNSCR1325 at CSW58

Panels linking UNSCR 1325, social media and young women advocates at the 58th UN CSW

Book Review: Sexuality in Muslim Contexts: Restrictions and Resistance, edited by Anissa Helie and Homa Hoodfar


I am always there for you, but you don't see me!

Getting women's voices heard: The Global Alliance on Media and Gender

Forever Forward, Never Backward

One Billion Rising 2014 campaign


Patriarchy is an Institution to be Outlawed

Dancing the Revolution

Building Bridges for Peace - Voices from the Isis Activist School for Women Human Rights Defenders for members of WeAct1325

AMARC Asia Pacific introduces affirmative action for women

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Isis International Activist School for Women Human Rights Defenders

One Billion Rising 14 February 2014

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