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1. Resolution of the Women's International Network.

We demand that all governments involved in peace talks now and in the future ensure full active participation in all aspects of the peace process as laid down by UN Security Council 1325 (on October 2000 ) who have been directly affected by the war.

That since 80 percent of the victims of war and armed conflict are women, there should be 80 percent of women involved in the peace negotiations, and 20 percent of women in the negotiating team.

Kathmandu. 21 February 2003

Two hundred fifty participants from around thirty countries participated at the week-long 8th AMARC (World Association of Community Broadcasters) Conference in Kathmandu, the first to be held in Asia.

In tackling the development of communbity radio, a major thrust of AMARC-8 is the special emphasis is given to advancing the role of Asian women in community media.

22 February 2003, Kathmandu. Day 2 of the AMARC-8 Conference underscored the need to empower women to have access to the radio waves, change stereotyped images of women in media, and work towards women's rights and equality leading to a plan of action for the Women's International Network (AMARC-WIN).

Unfazed by unrest and financial difficulties, the AMARC 8 Conference “Voices for a Better World: Community Media and Social Justice” fulfilled its goals as it came to a close after one week of discussions and workshops on various aspects of community broadcasting. These aspects include Women’s Empowerment in Community Radio, Communication and Development, Dealing with Conflict Situations, Community Media and the Information Society.

The conference ran from 21-27 February 2003 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Input from the various workshops were drafted and included in some 20 resolutions that were passed during the General Assembly which took place on 26 February. The multi-lingual conference had 250 participants from 30 different countries who shared experiences, developed networks, acquired new skills, and set the action plan for AMARC International for the next four years.

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